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Why move from ITIL V3 to ITIL 4?

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This is the kind of question I often hear from ITIL V3 Experts who are following our ITIL 4 trainings. My answer is simple: the world as changed so much since the introduction of ITIL V3 (more than ten years ago) that this new ITIL version was actually overdue, to help organizations survive in such a fast-paced and complex environment. However ITIL 4 still uses elements from ITIL V3, so ITIL V3 Experts can still benefit from their investment in ITIL V3 trainings.

What has changed in ITIL 4?

There is another reason why I consider ITIL 4 a great improvement compared to ITIL V3: ITIL 4 puts service management in a strategic context. It looks at IT Service Management, Development, Operations, Business Relationships and Governance holistically and brings the different functions together.

The key elements of ITIL 4 are:

  • The four dimensions (derived from the 4 P’s of Service Design in ITIL V3),
    • Organizations and people
    • Information and technology
    • Partners and suppliers
    • Value streams and processes
  • The guiding principles (introduced in ITIL Practitioner training),
    • Focus on value
    • Start where you are
    • Progress iteratively with feedback
    • Collaborate and promote visibility
    • Think and work holistically
    • Keep it simple and practical
    • Optimize and automate
  • The move from processes to practices expands the ITIL V3 processes so that elements such as culture, technology, information management can be considered to get a holistic vision of the ways of working.
  • The Service Value System is an integrated model for digital service management to describe how all the components of an organization work together to enable value creation.

Discontinuing ITIL V3

Due to the successful launch of ITIL 4, we were notified by Axelos (responsible for the ITIL best practice certifications) that Axelos/Peoplecert will discontinue ITIL V3, by the end of 2021. So for some of our customers it is advisable that they first gather enough points to qualify for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module (ITIL 4 MP).

The following is an overview of the dates and the discontinuation (for the exams in English):

Wilt u een vrijblijvend advies over ITIL V3 of ITIL V4? (consultancy of training)

Dan kunt u altijd contact opnemen met D-ICT Solutions via of 020-2050324.

De auteur Gabriel Adam is niet alleen een ITIL V3 expert maar ook volledig gecertificeerd is voor ITIL 4. Als trainer behoort Gabriel Adam tot een selecte groep trainers wereldwijd die geaccrediteerd zijn voor de ITIL 4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy module, waarvoor ook een praktijkexamen afgelegd moet worden.

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